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About Us

Trip Trekk is all about complimentary vacations! We wanted to bring together our love of travel and our bigger love of SAVING MONEY . So, in exploring locations, we learned a secret from some fellow travelers that many still do not know about....

Vacation Ownership companies have awesome accommodations, and they love showing them off! So, they created discounted packages for consumers to utilize and be able to check out their resort first hand.

Well, we wanted to take that concept one step further. We wanted the consumer to PAY EVEN LESS! So, Trip Trekk met with different resorts across the globe to pitch our idea: The consumer only has to pay for the taxes/fees of the resort or hotel in exchange for attending a seminar while on vacation.* The base cost of their accommodations is waived! Oh! And did we mention there is no obligation to purchase? Now just imagine what kind of things you would on vacation with all that extra cash....

And so Trip Trekk was born! We continue to add new and exciting destinations every day, so if you don’t see something today that tickles you, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter and be notified when new locations arrive!

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*Terms & Conditions

No obligation to purchase. Certain restrictions apply. 90-120 minute timeshare sales presentation required. Recipient must meet age, income and marital status qualifications, which vary dependent upon each location. See full terms and conditions in location details. Resort taxes, food, and entertainment are the responsibility of the recipient.

Coming Soon

Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island

Includes 3-Day and 2-Night stay.

The Cove on Ormond Beach

Includes 3-Day and 2-Night stay.